update 09 – Autumn 2017

I appreciate that from a public perspective we have been a little quiet of late. Most of the work recently has been in the hands of Troy Navigus who are compiling our actual Neighbourhood Plan document.

Because of this, our group have not had the need for any meetings over the last few months either.

You can read the minutes of all our meetings here  on our website to see our progress.

Our secretary Sandy Carruthers, particularly, is in regular communication with Troy Navigus and they have submitted several drafts documents for us to check.

If you can appreciate that none of us are experts, and the plan contains quite specific information that needs to be accurately checked and sometimes researched further.

On occasion a particular point may be missed the first time round, and there are only 5 of us on the committee, fitting this in during our limited spare time.

However the final document is now good to go for the official stages. . .

There was a Parish Council meeting (17th October) and provided the PC are happy with the document, then the clerk will submit it to Lichfield DC for the 6 week consultation period.

That should take us up to around Christmas time. So we plan to have our next meeting at that time.

Following the 6 week consultation period with Lichfield DC, the Neighbourhood Plan document has to go for an Independent Examination by the Govt.

Once all the official council and government bodies have approved the document, then you the village residents get to vote.

The final stages will be to have the document available for public view, and hold  a public meeting where the referendum vote will take place.

Provided the majority vote is in favour of the document, then it will be officially adopted.


Many older people in the village are not able to access the internet, or choose not to be on facebook so do not hear about what we are doing with these online updates.
Please share with your neighbours this information.

Update 08 – January 2017

Thank you to the 264 residents who completed our focus survey.

I have this afternoon completed the data inputting of the last of the surveys and have submitted the document for processing of the data to the lady who assists is with this.

As we expected most of the comments are consistently highlighting the traffic and parking issues predominantly in the south area,  around the school, the Fradley Village A38 junction into the village and the Stirling Centre parking and HGV parking.

There is very little we can do with existing residential development although there were a number of suggestions that may improve things.

All your comments have been recorded for future reference so we will endeavour to influence as much as we can, as we all live in the village and have the same grievances as you do.

The goal is that by highlighting the current problems things can be improved with the newer developments to avoid the same old problems.

A couple of comments I can address here, there were some people asking for a BMX track, when in fact that there is already one in existence to the LHS of the Skatepark near school, albeit it is currently rather overgrown through lack of use.

There is also already a tennis court within the fenced area of the MUGA albeit you need to access the nets from the person who stores them and I apologise I would have to find out who that was.

Just a reminder we are all volunteers, and there are just 5 of us left from the original team, and we have to fit in this work as well as being grandparents, parents, running our own businesses, and having a life too.

One Resident commented that there haven’t been many public updates / meetings lately.
We are still working on finalising the draft neighbourhood plan document and as soon as this is ready there will be another public meeting for residents to vote.

We have a meeting every month and the minutes of these meetings are recorded on our website, so you can access them and see what we are doing each month.

I can assure you we are in constant regular communication with Troy navigus to supply, check and correct the information they are including in the policies they are writing for our Neighbourhood Plan document.

The information you have provided in these surveys will be included in the relevant policies with the aim to influence and improve how new developments are built and planned in the future.

Many older people in the village are not able to access the internet, or choose not to be on facebook so do not hear about what we are doing with these online updates.
Please share with your neighbours this information.

Update – 07 summer/autumn 2016

Due to health and family commitments, our members have changed regularly. There are now only 5 of us left in the Neighbourhood Plan committee. This means that each of us is putting in even more volunteer hours to complete this process.

The team is now working closely with Consultants Troy-Navigus Partnership to finalise the draft plan. The process has taken us much longer than any of us had imagined when we first embarked upon this marathon task, but now we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This has taken us many, many volunteer hours but we all remain positive that it will be worth it in the end.

We are endeavouring to keep lines of communication open with any local developers in order that the inevitable growth to our village is done for the greater good of all residents and in the best way to retain the character and charm that we know and love.

Once again I would like to thank all those who completed our Questionnaire
(document to gather statistical information) and provided valuable feedback. There is now some more specific information that we need to gather in the form of a Survey (detailed investigation of behaviour and opinion).

We are working on a new smaller survey which will be dropping through all Fradley letterboxes during November. The return date will be Sunday 11th December so we would like to urge everyone to please fill in their survey and return to the designated collection centres.

Collection boxes will be situated at:
Northwood Pharmacy -Stirling Centre
Fradley Fryer – Stirling Centre
Co-op – Stirling Centre
Fradley Community Hall
Fradley Village Hall
St. Stephens School
St. Stephens Church
Fradley Post Office

If anyone would like to volunteer to help deliver surveys please contact us through the Contact Us link and we will be pleased to get in touch.

Please continue to give us your support

Linda Wild

Update 06 – Spring 2016

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. We have had a few changes of some members recently, and lots of things to keep us busy.

As ever, many hands can make the job quicker and easier – so help and support from new members is always welcome.
Please contact us through the online form and our secretary will endeavour to get back to you ASAP with information of our next meeting.

We have recently received over £6000 in grant funding from the Government so that we can engage a planning consultant to help us through the final stages of drawing up the plan. We are now working with a consultant  to do this and will be seeking more of your views as we home in on certain topics. Continue reading Update 06 – Spring 2016

Update 05 – February 2016 summary

We have been busy behind the scenes with data inputting from your questionnaires.

Also holding final negotiations with the company who will be producing our NP document to agree and establish the requirements and policies to be included.

All of the questionnaire data has now been recorded into one document, for further analysis and ongoing reference. Continue reading Update 05 – February 2016 summary

update 04 – January 2016

There is not a lot to report this month . . .
but we have been working hard behind the scenes.

The main jobs of the steering committee has been to:

  1. source the best price for data inputting of the information from your completed questionnaires. .
  2. apply for grant funding to pay for the cost of a the expert bodies to collate all of the data and put together the official neighbourhood plan document.
  3. approach various companies who are experienced in neighbourhood planning and got prices for the work.

Continue reading update 04 – January 2016

update 03 – December 2015

Fradley Neighbourhood Plan

The deadline for our questionnaires and competitions has now closed.

Thank you to all of you who got involved and gave your time to complete and return your questionnaire.

Many congratulations to Norma Goodburn who is the winner of the £100 prize draw.

The children’s competition has been won by 8 year old Rosie Tonks.
You can see her picture here.

Her winning entry was chosen by Revd. John Allan and his wife for its colourful depiction of several elements of why the competitor likes Fradley.

I am pleased to announce that we have received 311 questionnaires, which equates to almost 26% of the 1200 that were delivered.

While this is not up to the 500 target, it is a very good return. . . . . Continue reading update 03 – December 2015

update 02 – Public Meeting 7th November 2015

Fradley Neighbourhood Plan
Public Meeting 7th November 2015

Brookfield site - 70 houses planned here
Brookfield site – 70 houses planned here

After our January meeting where we had 140 people attend, this was a disappointing turnout of less than 50, of which all but a few were of the “over 40” age group.

Unfortunately our meeting clashed with the Violets in Bloom craft fayre at the Village Hall, but as this event was all day we had hoped that people would come to our FNP meeting first.

We will very soon be delivering questionnaires to every house in order to get vitally important feedback from you our residents. Continue reading update 02 – Public Meeting 7th November 2015