Update – 07 summer/autumn 2016

Due to health and family commitments, our members have changed regularly. There are now only 5 of us left in the Neighbourhood Plan committee. This means that each of us is putting in even more volunteer hours to complete this process.

The team is now working closely with Consultants Troy-Navigus Partnership to finalise the draft plan. The process has taken us much longer than any of us had imagined when we first embarked upon this marathon task, but now we are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This has taken us many, many volunteer hours but we all remain positive that it will be worth it in the end.

We are endeavouring to keep lines of communication open with any local developers in order that the inevitable growth to our village is done for the greater good of all residents and in the best way to retain the character and charm that we know and love.

Once again I would like to thank all those who completed our Questionnaire
(document to gather statistical information) and provided valuable feedback. There is now some more specific information that we need to gather in the form of a Survey (detailed investigation of behaviour and opinion).

We are working on a new smaller survey which will be dropping through all Fradley letterboxes during November. The return date will be Sunday 11th December so we would like to urge everyone to please fill in their survey and return to the designated collection centres.

Collection boxes will be situated at:
Northwood Pharmacy -Stirling Centre
Fradley Fryer – Stirling Centre
Co-op – Stirling Centre
Fradley Community Hall
Fradley Village Hall
St. Stephens School
St. Stephens Church
Fradley Post Office

If anyone would like to volunteer to help deliver surveys please contact us through the Contact Us link and we will be pleased to get in touch.

Please continue to give us your support

Linda Wild