Update 06 – Spring 2016

Apologies for the lack of recent updates. We have had a few changes of some members recently, and lots of things to keep us busy.

As ever, many hands can make the job quicker and easier – so help and support from new members is always welcome.
Please contact us through the online form and our secretary will endeavour to get back to you ASAP with information of our next meeting.

We have recently received over £6000 in grant funding from the Government so that we can engage a planning consultant to help us through the final stages of drawing up the plan. We are now working with a consultant  to do this and will be seeking more of your views as we home in on certain topics.

We have been busy analysing your questionnaire comments and results in order to compile clear and concise information as a basis for the policy strategies that will form the structure of this Document.

Our committee are now finalising the information which is relevant to Fradley that will be submitted for the planning consultancy (Navigus) to research, detail and include as specific policies for our own document.

By using Navigus, their specific knowledge, and understanding of planning policy, together with experience in writing other successful Neighbourhood Plan Documents ensures confidence in the credibility and validity of our own future document.

Thank you to those of you who attended this exhibition and gave us your views and comments. We will continue to work with Bellway and LDC to ensure it is built to the standards and design approved.

Thank you to everyone who supported our requests and wrote in their objections to the Arblaster planning application.

Our official letter was delivered and we were able to email 40 separate emails from your individual objections in support.

No final decisions have been made yet by LDC and their Planning Committee Meeting to discuss this has currently not been arranged. One of our members will be attending this meeting to reinforce our objections in person and we are confident in the credibility of our argument.

Members of our committee are continuing to put pressure on both the Parish Council and Lichfield District Council to make sure they work both within their own Government approved Local Plan (link below), as well as communicating with us to enable us to achieve our own Vision and Objectives. (link below)

Lichfield District Council Local Plan strategies for Fradley can be found on pages 122 – 127 of the following document (located on this website at http://www.fradleynp.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Lichfield-District-Local-Plan-Strategy-2008-2029.pdf) (opens a new tab)

Fradley Neighbourhood Plan Vision and Objectives can also be found on this website at http://www.fradleynp.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Vision_and_Objectives.pdf  (opens a new tab)   

Please continue to give us your support.

Linda Wild

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