Update 08 – January 2017

Thank you to the 264 residents who completed our focus survey.

I have this afternoon completed the data inputting of the last of the surveys and have submitted the document for processing of the data to the lady who assists is with this.

As we expected most of the comments are consistently highlighting the traffic and parking issues predominantly in the south area,  around the school, the Fradley Village A38 junction into the village and the Stirling Centre parking and HGV parking.

There is very little we can do with existing residential development although there were a number of suggestions that may improve things.

All your comments have been recorded for future reference so we will endeavour to influence as much as we can, as we all live in the village and have the same grievances as you do.

The goal is that by highlighting the current problems things can be improved with the newer developments to avoid the same old problems.

A couple of comments I can address here, there were some people asking for a BMX track, when in fact that there is already one in existence to the LHS of the Skatepark near school, albeit it is currently rather overgrown through lack of use.

There is also already a tennis court within the fenced area of the MUGA albeit you need to access the nets from the person who stores them and I apologise I would have to find out who that was.

Just a reminder we are all volunteers, and there are just 5 of us left from the original team, and we have to fit in this work as well as being grandparents, parents, running our own businesses, and having a life too.

One Resident commented that there haven’t been many public updates / meetings lately.
We are still working on finalising the draft neighbourhood plan document and as soon as this is ready there will be another public meeting for residents to vote.

We have a meeting every month and the minutes of these meetings are recorded on our website, so you can access them and see what we are doing each month.

I can assure you we are in constant regular communication with Troy navigus to supply, check and correct the information they are including in the policies they are writing for our Neighbourhood Plan document.

The information you have provided in these surveys will be included in the relevant policies with the aim to influence and improve how new developments are built and planned in the future.

Many older people in the village are not able to access the internet, or choose not to be on facebook so do not hear about what we are doing with these online updates.
Please share with your neighbours this information.

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