Update 05 – February 2016 summary

We have been busy behind the scenes with data inputting from your questionnaires.

Also holding final negotiations with the company who will be producing our NP document to agree and establish the requirements and policies to be included.

All of the questionnaire data has now been recorded into one document, for further analysis and ongoing reference.

The next task is to collate the information into easy to interpret graphs and charts, which we will then be able to display on the website.

This forms the basis of evidence of what you/we as a village desire for future developments in and around Fradley.

This charted information will also be included in the neighbourhood plan document, as either actual policies, or non-policy desirable items.

New Member

We are also pleased to welcome Derick Cross as a new member of our committee.

Many of you may know Derick, as a Fradley resident and active community member who continues with his successful history of “fighting our corner” and hard negotiation with LDC.

He has also worked with other communities to develop their neighbourhood plans and his extensive knowledge and background will prove a valuable asset to the success of our group.

Bellway Exhibition 8th March.

The Bellway Exhibition at the Youth and Community Hall on Tuesday 8th March between 3.30 and 7.30pm is an opportunity to view this developers latest plans for the Airfield Site.

This is entirely a Bellway event, although it may not have gone ahead without pressure from our NP group.

Please come and see Bellway’s latest plans – and do not be afraid to politely tell them what you think.

We will be having an “EXIT POLL” table / gazebo somewhere outside of the building to gather your opinions as you leave.

So please then come and tell us what you think too!

It is vital that you take a few minutes to let us know your views on these plans and any grievances you may have about them.

Derick has been involved with Bellway on getting these plans done right since 2012, and is keen to make sure the original agreements are adhered to.

We will continue to pressurise the necessary parties in order that this new development is built in harmony with existing residents views.

Please continue to give us your support.

Linda Wild

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