The Task Groups

We have 6 task groups that look at specific areas of the community and we would like to think that all residents must have an interest, a complaint or some skills that could help us improve these areas. So, please join a group and/or fill-in our questionnaire, (when you receive it, soon) so that we can understand your views on the future of the village.

If any of the information below is something you feel strongly about or have a specific knowledge or interest and you want to get involved please give your support and CONTACT US NOW.

Details of the 6 task groups and their co-ordinators are as follows:

Housing group

The Group currently has 5 members chaired by Greg Jones. The purpose of the Group is to identify the housing requirements for the village which would include the type of housing, number of bedrooms, parking spaces etc. Also to identify if there is any requirement for affordable housing, social and sheltered accommodation. We would also identify proposed sites for further development following the current round of developments.

Transport group

The transport group is responsible for making sure that there is adequate and safe road access in and out of the village to accommodate the increased amount of vehicles that more development will bring. Also to protect the safety of pedestrians and children in our village environment and maintain the size of our village roads, by maximising the restrictions for unnecessary goods vehicles and lorries within residential areas.

Facilities group

co-ordinated by Jo Spence

The main objective of this group is to protect and maintain current facilities and develop those felt desirable to satisfy the needs of all sections of a growing community.

These will include recreational, educational, ecclesiastical, historical, health and welfare.

Environment group

Our aims are:

  • keeping wildlife and habitats safe
  • protecting the countryside and way of life
  • retaining our ‘big sky views’
  • maintaining the reasons for being in a village community

We need some further help to find out about what is special about our village; if you would like to help, please contact us.


Village Letter Box and Telephone Boxes

Did you know that we have a listed letter box in the village?

This is the post box we all use outside the village Post Office.

We also have an original red telephone box at the same site, possibly from the same era as its crown logo is very similar to that on the GR post box.

The other telephone box is in Worthington Road.

BT have been contacted about refurbishment and cleaning of both of these so take note of forthcoming improvements. Any issues with these can be reported on 0800 661 610.

If you know of any other historical features, or can suggest who might, please let us know.

Strategy group

co-ordinated by Sandy Carruthers

The Group was formed with 6 members. The purpose of the Group is to research Government and Lichfield District Council requirements in making the Neighbourhood Plan. As a result the group has been able to guide the Steering Group towards their aim and propose an informed timetable of work towards the finalisation of the Plan.

Communications support group

co-ordinated by Linda Wild

This was set up because of the need to communicate with people, promote the Neighbourhood Plan and its importance to our community, keep residents informed. To design, produce and print all marketing material, Logo, Flyers, Banners, Posters and organise distribution and delivering of all printed literature etc.

Also to aid development of the website and e-communications. with online posting on social media and a facebook page.

However at the January 2015 Public meeting most residents who attended mis-interpreted this, thinking that we were responsible for mobile phone coverage and improving broadband within the village.

These things come under the facilities task group.

As such the Communications group is not publicly active, but runs in support of the Steering group for promotion purposes.

If you are willing / able to help or have contacts who can assist with leaflet deliveries, printing of posters, hosting and regular posting onto social media pages, then please contact Linda.